Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Resources

Please use this page to find Safety Data Sheets and additional sources of chemical hazard information for your research needs.

Manufacturer SDS Search Links

WHIMIS 2015 requires that SDS information is to be obtained for each manufacturer you have obtained a chemical from. 

Below are links to the SDS search engines or information pages for our most common vendors. Please contact us if you would like other links to be added.


Avantor (formerly JT Baker)

BD Diagnostics (formerly Difco)

EMD Millipore 

Leica Biosystems

Millipore-Sigma, Sigma Aldrich, Fluka, Supelco, RdH-Lab

Fisher Scientific, Thermofisher Scientific and Alfa Aesar


Roche Applied Sciences


Biological, Pharmacological and Toxicological Search Engines


ChemID Plus - National Institute of Health Medical Search Engine

Government of Canada Pathogen SDS  (PSDS) Search: Information for infectious substances

NIH Household Chemicals Database collection of consumer and cleaning chemical SDS sheets

OHSAH Search Database - focused on medical and health care related items

Perkin Elmer: Registration required. A substructure-searchable small molecule database with 2D and 3D structures, some with SDS links

PubChem - NCBI CHemical search engine - Not SDS, but a wealth of other important infromation.

Photogrophy and Film Chemistry

Eastmen Kodak- photography and film development SDS information.  

Ilford Photo - photography and film development SDS information

Historical Proccesses/Raw Chemistry: For raw chemistry and non-formulated photo chemistry information try Photographer's Formulary and Bostick and Sullivan


For more WHIMIS and Safety related information please go to the University of Saskatchewan's Safety Resources website