Expertise, training and histology assistance

The Histology Core Facility offers training, expertise, and assistance for a wide range of histology techniques and sample processing, including:

  • an extensive method library and in-person histology expertise;
  • assistance, in-depth training, and equipment for most standard histological techniques;
  • reagents for processing tissues and a variety of staining protocols on a cost-recovery basis;
  • supplies for sectioning paraffin and frozen tissues;
  • in-house staining station for H&E, PAS and other standard stains; and
  • staining station for immunohistochemistry (IHC).


Histology equipment for Health Sciences research

The facility can assist with equipment, training, and expert assistance for histology needs in:

  • tissue fixation and preparation (chemical and cryo);
  • tissue processing and embedding;
  • tissue sectioning (FFPE and cryo);
  • slide staining (H&E, PAS, IHC, etc.); and
  • digital microscopy. 



Dr. Adi Manek

For more information or for training prior to booking equipment, please email Dr. Adi Manek.