Annual Space Audit

In order to provide the Health Sciences Space Committee(s) with meaningful and current information, the Health Sciences undertakes annual space audits of the use of office, laboratory, and other relevant spaces in the Health Sciences Building.

Art Placement

The Health Sciences manages all public spaces in the Health Sciences Building in consultation with the Operation Committees overseeing space allocation and use in the facility. Any change in the use of space in the facility or renovations to the space must be pre-approved through the Health Sciences.

COVID-19 Office Booking Calendar Policy

This policy details the function and intended use of the office space booking calendar developedfor use by occupants of the University of Saskatchewan(USask)Health Sciences Building who have been granted approval during restricted access periods resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Display Monitors

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) Health Sciences manages a number of display monitors in the B- and A-Wings of the Health Sciences Building. The purpose of these screens—which may be utilized by students, faculty, and staff—includes communicating news and promoting events, services, and other pertinent initiatives within the building.

Faculty Office Allocation

The Health Sciences has final approval on all space allocations, including office space allocations for faculty and academic professionals in the Health Sciences Building.

The Health Sciences is committed to cohesion within college, school, department, and research units — where applicable and desired — with the goal of supporting faculty and academic professionals to work in the same general area as their colleagues.

HQP Shared Office Space

The USask Health Sciences has final approval on all space allocations, including office space allocations for HQP (which includes graduate students, postdoctoral fellow, research scientists, and other technical/specialized research personnel) in the Health Sciences Building.

Key and Access Card Policy

It is the policy of the USask Health Sciences to issue building and room keys/access cards to faculty, staff, resident students, authorized non-resident students or visiting scientists, and persons or organizations having contractual agreements with the university.

Individuals as specified above must be issued the fewest number of necessary key/access cards—at the lowest level in the locking system hierarchy—to provide the required access.

Lab Key and Access Card Permissions

The purpose of this policy is to protect the property and privacy of the University of Saskatchewan (USask) and of individuals assigned to use Health Sciences facilities, by limiting access to owned or leased facilities to assigned individuals and to their supervisors.

USask staff and students joining a lab in the Health Sciences Building must contact their laboratory manager to arrange for keys and/or an access card.

Lab Filming and Photography Policy

The University of Saskatchewan (USask) Health Sciences regularly receives requests from internal units and the media to film or photograph labs within the Health Sciences Building. This policy is primarily intended to ensure that all lab safety protocols are followed where necessary.

This document also provides information to help people determine who should be consulted to secure the necessary permissions and apply any related safety protocols in various lab spaces throughout the Health Sciences Building.

LEED Daylighting

This policy was developed to ensure the LEED standards pertaining to “daylighting” as originally designed for the Health Science D and E Wings are followed so as to not disadvantage the occupants of interior offices.

Poster and Temporary Signage Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide direction for internal and external individuals, groups, and businesses regarding the placement of posters, advertisements, handbills, and temporary signage.

Research Space Allocation Policy and Procedures

The USask Health Sciences has established procedures for the allocation and reallocation of research space in a building designed with collaboration in mind. Available space is a finite resource. As such, a policy that allows research efforts to flourish via a fair and transparent research space allocation procedure is crucial.

Space Booking

The USask Health Sciences manages all public spaces in the Health Sciences Building as well as a small number of the meeting rooms. Any use of event space or meeting rooms in the facility must be pre-approved.


The USask Health Sciences Building is comprised of over 75 research labs, 650 office spaces, 50 meeting rooms, and classroom capacity to accommodate over 1500 students. Spread throughout five wings spanning (in some areas) up to six floors, the facility is often a challenge for newcomers to navigate.

To reference floor plans and locate spaces within the Health Sciences Building, please click the links below.

NOTE: Booking options for meeting and events spaces are located on the Meeting Rooms Directory page and the Event Spaces Directory page.