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SuperUser Program

The CLRC offers training for students known as the SuperUser Program, whereby students can practice skills independently and without supervision during business hours or after hours. SuperUsers will be required to take part in an orientation session and sign an agreement that they have read and understand the CLRC Policies and Student Guidelines.

  • SuperUsers must be required to maintain the quality and setup of their room when they have completed their session.
  • SuperUsers are not permitted to practice before, during, or after major high-stakes exams or OSCEs.
  • A key and/or keyfob will be supplied to the SuperUser during business hours before the start of their session.
  • Any equipment damaged, or keys lost will be at the expense of the SuperUser.
  • To book a practice session, please use our Student Practice Request Form*

*Available for Health Sciences students and ratified on-campus student groups

University of Saskatchewan

Clinical Learning Resource Center

After Hours Student Practice Policy

Purpose: To allow Health Science Students additional independent practice in the CLRC.  The students will have the opportunity to practice during their free time and after the usual operating hours of the CLRC (0730-1730).

Review: The CLRC Manual to be reviewed yearly, June 1, of each year by the executive leadership team in the CLRC.  The OVPH (Office Vice-Provost Health) will provide final approval by September 1 of each year.

Review Date: September 5, 2018


After Hours: Monday to Friday: 1700-2200 hrs; Saturday: 1000-1800 hrs; Sunday: 1200-2000 hrs.

Student Practice Group: Any group of students wishing to practice clinical skills in the Clinical Learning Resource Centre. Students do not have to be in their program assigned groups. Group size must be approved by CLRC scheduling staff. No more than four students will be scheduled per room, including the Super User.

SuperUser: Individual that have received the appropriate orientation and training to use the CLRC facilities after hours when CLRC staff is not available. Only one Super User is required for each student practice group.

SuperUser Training: a short orientation to review after hour practices guidelines and policies.



The SuperUser Training must be renewed annually! All students must go through a super-user training course prior to utilizing the CLRC after hours.  For each succeeding year, the students that have completed the training course will be required to review the policy and acknowledge their understanding and agree to abide by the policy prior to their utilization of the CLRC at the start of the new academic year.

All CLRC Guidelines must be adhered to during after hour student practices.

  1. No Food is allowed in the CLRC - only covered drinks are allowed in the reception area.
  2. Students are not allowed to make coffee or take supplies from the refrigerators in the CLRC Reception area.
  3. All rooms must be left exactly as they were set up when the group arrived and ready for the courses the next morning (this includes changing exam paper, moving furniture, etc.).
  4. All student practice groups must have a confirmed reservation for after hour practice sessions and an identified SuperUser in attendance for the scheduled session.
  5. One (1) SuperUser can supervise a group of three students for a maximum group size of four (4) students (including the SuperUser). One room per SuperUser can be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours. The CLRC will reserve four rooms/night/weekend for student practice.
  6. A SuperUser must be in the CLRC even if he or she is only facilitating the group.
  7. No family, friends, or CLRC volunteers are allowed in the CLRC without CLRC permission.
  8. Linen and gowns will not be provided for your sessions; students should bring appropriate clothing for the practice session (e.g. tank top and/or shorts).
  9. Only equipment currently in the rooms, and requested models and equipment are allowed to be used.
  10. Students must bring their own stethoscopes for practice sessions.
  11. If requesting use of the Ultrasound Units, the SuperUser must have successfully completed a relevant annual orientation session and approved by Dr. Paul Olszynski before booking a practice session. Training to be scheduled by Dr. Olszynski.
  12. Programs to which the students belong are accountable to replace or pay for broken equipment that occurred during student practice time. Programs may require the student(s) responsible to pay the cost of repairs or replacement of damaged equipment.
  13. SuperUsers are responsible/accountable for any incident that occurs while at the CLRC.
  14. If an incident occurs, the SuperUser is responsible for completing an incident report.
  15. All students are allowed in the Clinic Room Area for clinical practice only. No access to the Procedure or Simulation rooms will be permitted.

Booking/Scheduling Guidelines and Procedures:

  1. Independent Practice times may be scheduled during the work day and after hours. Daytime requests will be scheduled around courses. After hours is M-F: 1700-2200 hrs; Saturday: 1000-1800 hrs; Sunday: 1200-2000 hrs. No practice times are available on statutory holiday weekends or whenever the university is closed (ex: Christmas Holiday Break).
  2. Note: The CLRC hosts many events after hours and on weekends. As a result, it may not be possible to accommodate every requested time. The CLRC will make every effort to provide alternative dates and times.
  3. 24 hours before an event: the SuperUser must fill out the Student Practice Request Form.

Within 24 hours of the event: the SuperUser will need to complete a paper request at the CLRC reception desk. 

CLRC staff will confirm the booking or provide alternative dates and times by email or at the time of the request.

  1. Only students who have received a confirmed booking are allowed in the CLRC after hours.
  2. The CLRC must approve any changes to the booking request (e.g. a change in students attending the practice session).
  3. The SuperUser will check a pass-card out from the CLRC reception area before 5:00 pm the day of the scheduled event or on Friday if the request is for Saturday and/or Sunday.
  4. A room assignment schedule will be placed on the monitor in the CLRC reception area and SuperUsers are only permitted to use their assigned rooms.
  5. It is necessary for the SuperUser to bring a copy of the booking confirmation when practicing, as campus security monitors the space and may request proof of booking.
  6. The SuperUser must ensure all CLRC entrance doors are left locked at all times and are locked when the group leaves.
  7. If a student(s) leaves the CLRC during the practice session, the Super User needs to ensure that someone is available to open the door to let them back in.
  8. SuperUsers are not allowed to lend the pass-card to other students.
  9. SuperUsers must return the pass-card to the CLRC reception area the following morning, unless prior arrangements have been made (e.g. return the key after your morning class).


  1. The CLRC doors must be kept locked at all times.
  2. Student groups should not prop any doors open! This allows access for individuals to wander in unseen and potentially put students and equipment at risk.
  3. Students are not permitted to practice alone in the CLRC.
  4. Super Users must always have a cell phone available to use in case of emergency. The phones in the clinic rooms do not connect to an outside line.
  5. The Super User should let someone outside the group know about the practice in the CLRC and when it will end.
  6. A first aid kit is available behind the reception desk in a cupboard marked with a green and white cross.
  7. An AED is available outside the CLRC across from the APOTEX Pharmacy lab.
  8. Super Users should call Campus Security (306-966-5555) in case of emergency.
  9. Super Users should call 9-911 in case of a health emergency.
  10. CLRC Address: 104 Clinic Place - Health Sciences Building "E" Wing, Room 2200 (Reception)
Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the following actions:
1. First Offense: The SuperUser will be given a warning.
2. Second Offense: The SuperUser loses his or her Super User designation and will be reported for a breach of professionalism to their College.
3. Any other students who do not abide by the guidelines will also lose their ability to participate in independent practice time CLRC Guidelines.