Health Sciences

at the University of Saskatchewan

Together, the health sciences will be leaders in advancing health, locally and globally, through excellence in interprofessional education and practice, interdisciplinary life and health sciences discovery, and committed engagement with stakeholders.



The University of Saskatchewan Health Sciences project will create a new standard for interprofessional education, research and practice. Our state-of-the-art, integrated facility will support and enable collaboration between students, faculty and researchers in all health science disciplines and will help us to educate health professionals using a team-centered approach.

Led by the Council of Health Science Deans (CHSD), the Health Sciences project is the largest capital building project in the university's history and an investment in the future of health education and practice in Saskatchewan and beyond. The innovative new facility offers a highly integrated experience for students in all health care fields. We will introduce leading teaching concepts, conduct broad research investigations that advance our understanding of health issues and explore how to best provide clinical services that respond to the needs of today's patients.

Renovation Updates

  • The ventilation system that operates the supply and exhaust air for A- and B-Wings will be shut off from 6pm to 6am daily starting on Tuesday August 18th and continuing through Thursday August 21st. Ventilation will be on during the normal working day from 6am to 6pm on these dates and fume hoods in B-Wing will remain operational 24 hours a day. Occupants may find the temperatures slightly higher than normal when coming in first thing in the morning and the air may smell a little stale until the fans have time to circulate the air. This shutdown is required to allow work to continue on the B-Wing renovation project. 

  • There will be a steam shutdown in D-Wing, beginning August 18th at 3pm lasting until August 20th at 10am. Hot water service will be disrupted, along with autoclaves, cagewashers and sterilizers. 
If you have any questions about renovations, please contact us.